RO Shelters

Fire Rated Doors is of acute importance in buildings and areas needing to compartmentalize and hold the spread of fire. While the cause of fire could be arson, short circuit, gas leakage or sheer negligence, the range of passive fire doors are designed to restrict their spread and save lives. Fire doors are designed to protect life in event of a fire. For this, the door must serve as a fire and smoke barrier.


  • Structural Stability of designs
  • State of Art Fabrication facility
  • Long life
  • Premium quality
  • External Trim with keys to access Panic Bar from Outside.
  • Vision Panel (a small window to look through) size can be as per client requirement.
  • Tower Bolt for Double Door.
Type Sandwich PUF Shelters (Lift & Shift)
Shleter size Length 6mtrs x width 3mtrs x height 3 mtrs Length 4 mtrs x width 3 mtrs x height 3 mtrs With internal partition and any customised size
Panel thickness 30 mm, 40 mm, 50mm , Roof and Wall Panels
Top/bottom sheet thickness 0.5mm pre painted galvanised sheets
Accessories required Outer flashing/inner flashing/C capping/door with view glass/windows
Structure -100 x 100 x 3mm base channels 50 x 100 x 3mm ventricles and top horizontal 50 x 50 x 3mm for purlins with one coat of primer and one coat of enamel paint of preferred colour
Installation PUF Shelter is fabricated at our factory Lifted/shited to site and Installed at site
Type EPS Panel Shelters ( on site erection)
Panel thickness 75mm roof and wall panel
Top Bottom Sheet Thickness 0.5mm pre painted galvanised Sheets
Accessories required Bottom channel/inner flashing/outer flashing/ External u trims/door with view Glass/windows/view glass with frames
Installation EPS Shelter are Installed at site by Competent Installers

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