Established in 1992, Alfa has evolved into the country’s leading Manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Buildings, state of the art manufacturing facility Producing, Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, Steel Decking Sheet, Sandwich PUF/PIR Panels, Rockwool Fireproof Panels, Fire exit doors and Z&C Purlin and supreme range of solutions for insulated roofing and cladding products for Cold chain solutions, Clean rooms, Cold rooms & Prefab shelters.
Alfa the national leader in high performance insulation and building envelope solutions. Improving building performance, construction methods with multiple Storage location to cater the customers.

Our Key Features

Proven track record

Alfa Peb Ltd have 30 Years old proven track record in manufacturing


200 Employees with extensive experience in multiple departments.

Turn over

Alfa Peb Ltd have 150 Crore turn over from peb/sandwhich panels

Working capital

Alfa Peb Ltd have Working capital limit of 20 crore with Axis Bank.

Manufacturing plants

2 Fully automated manufacturing plants dedicated to sandwich panels.


  • Best Quality Production

  • Capacity Alfa plan is to produce total of 600 tons/month of steel building which is one of the largest production capacities in India. Adherence to the Internationally accepted engineering practices in production, planning and control helps to keep up the delivery dates, products quality and efficient implementation.

  • Superior Technology

  • At every level, that is, design, manufacture of products, erection and integration, ALFA provides better value for money to the client through superior technology.

  • Quality Materials

  • At ALFA, we believe that quality of input makes sure of the quality of output, we use high grade tensile steels of 350 MPa from the best of manufacturers in India.

  • Fastest Delivery

  • Standardized processes, micro-planning and efficient human resources management help us to deliver the product on time.

  • International Quality Standards

  • ALFA adopts the latest business-performance management tools and techniques to bring about continuous improvement in quality. ALFA strictly follows the international design standards as well as the engineering norms pertinent to PEB industry in all projects.

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